The Kahuna


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The Kahuna is a South Philadelphia and Turnersville NJ Native, Washington Twp HS Graduate (class of 1985) At age 7 on Christmas Morning they where given a record player with a microphone and headphones and found their way to their cousins Motown 45’s and old 78’s The Little Kahuna was in love at first needle drop and barking on the microphone to the like of their favorite childhood radio Dj’s  Don Cannon, Wolfman Jack, Jim O’brien, Ken Garland, Willy Weber, and Bob Pantano. Also listened to Casey Kasem faithfully every week as a kid.

 After graduating high school they attended Glassbro State and studied Radio Television and Film. In 1986 they where able to get a overnight Dj spot on a Millville station in Southern NJ. 1988-94 The Kahuna was off and on with the station either due to programming or management keeping them off the air. Result of discipline for some stunt or antic. The name Kahuna was given to by a program director because of their fast talking and bouncy on air presence. Kahuna is a universal and talented air talent that can fit into any station format from 50’s to Classic Rock and anything between.  They can also and have hosted radio shows from Music, Shock Jock and Talk. In late 1995 left part time slots on radio to pursue a Law Enforcement career until 2008.  In mid 2008 The Kahuna stepped into an air studio at a Atlantic City station until the station went bankrupted in 2012. After a year trying to navigate what to do they DJ’ed for a bit and in 2014 they decided to form their own broadcast media company and formed South Beat 103 An internet radio station serving South Philadelphia Pa and South Jersey. The Kahuna is currently the program director  and air talent of South Beat 103.

The Kahuna Took Time Out For Some Pranks with Lance Stewart

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